About Mystic Eyes
* These beautiful Mystic Eyes is made out of high quality Urethane
   not glass and it is non yellowing urethane.

* Its transparency are crystal clear like glass.
* Has various colors to choose from and quality is as good as glass.
* Plus it has great color density.

Mystic Eyes size
* Available in 8 sizes.
* Requesting custom Iris size acceptable as well.
(Eye size/ Iris size)
6 mm / 3 mm
8 mm / 4 mm
10 mm / 5 mm
12 mm / 6 mm
14 mm / 7 mm
16 mm / 8 mm or 16 mm / 9 mm
18 mm / 9 mm or 18 mm / 10 mm
20 mm /10 mm or 20 mm/ 11 mm

Mystic Eyes Price
A Regular Pair of Mystic Eyes each sizes is
 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm    $60USD
 16mm, 18mm, 20mm    $60USD
 22mm, 24mm    $70USD
A pair of UV and Limited Mystic Eyes each sizes is
6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm , 16mm, 18mm, 20mm    $70USD

Ordering Terms:
Mystic Eyes Availability
These eyes are on pre-order basis which means, you order and then the eyes are made for you.  
It takes up a period of 6~8 months for the maker to complete the process of making the eyes.
The previous last pre-order took over 1 year plus for some members to receive their eyes hence
this pre-order needs great patience. It will be shipped to you as soon as it arrives.
** Please note that these eyes are handmade and the maker has other orders to attend aside from us. So be prepare for the long wait.

Sometimes it could take longer time for the eyes completion if it is rainy season or the weather is humid which effected the eyes making process and please be advised when the orders quantity are in huge numbers, it too effect the eyes making process speed which can take up till 8 months or over a year plus. If you cannot bear the unexpect long waiting time frame, please do not place an order from us as these delays that impedes production of eyes, it is beyond our realm of control.
However, we will do our utmost to push the maker to speed up the process. In any case, the maker always strive to produce as fast as he can without compromising quality of the eyes.

Mystic eyes maybe a little difference between real eyes and samples photo(for example, iris pattern or size of pupil and colors).
The difference of colors may be caused by color conditions of monitor.
The difference of colors could be slighlt different for every batch as well.

We do not do refund nor accept cancellation once payment has been finalized.
All sold items are non-refundable but we do replacement instead. However, you have to bear the shipping cost.

Please take note that if you request for replacement/remake, you will need to resend back the intial pair of eyes to do the exchange and you would also need to bear your own return shipping cost and the shipping cost for having the new replacement ship to you.

You agree to our terms and conditions upon remittance of payment in full. Therefore, please read our terms and conditions thoroughly and do feel free to submit inquiries prior to committing to your order.
Mystic Eyes Special order
If you would like to order special Mystic Eyes, please state it in the e-mail and let us know for more detail. Subject to the Mystic Eyes maker's making availability.

Prices shown on the site may vary depending on the following factors: order weight, size and payment transaction fees for all Paypal payment method (credit card, debit card, Paypal Balance, Bank wire),and/or bank wire. The price will be finalised when we contact you regarding your order.
Please also aware of bank wire fees and 4.7% of handling fees on all orders which will be determine at the end of every preorder period which varies from each preorder.

Payment options
We accept Paypal (credit card, debit card, bank balance and paypal balance) transactions.
Please aware that any extra costs for all Paypal payment method transactions fees(Credit Card, Debit Card , Paypal Balance, Bank Transfer and eCheque), and/or bank wire would have to be paid for by the customer.

Payment duration
Payments must be received within 3 days of receiving the invoice.
All orders are final after we received your payment.
You may add more of change color or size or type
of eyes before the order period ends but no cancellation.
So if you wish to do any changes (i.e. eyes size, color , high/low dome)
and so on please let us know before the order period ends.


Shipping & Handling & Terms:
As a default we ship through International Registered Airmail which has tracking numbers to track online. We too offer EMS and other options upon request. Shipping would be based on the postal office weight/charges table regardless of item quantity in an order. However, International Registered Airmail is not insured as oppose to EMS where insurance is included.
We pack items carefully and shipped via padded envelope, but we cannot be held responsible for loss or damage once the packages are handed over to the post office. And we do not do refund for loss or damage packages.

Weight/Cost Estimation
The shipping rates shown below is only an estimation, as it will vary in weight and size. The cost of shipping will still be determined by total order weight.

++ International Registered Airmail ++
1 - 5 boxes of Mystic Eyes
(a pair of Mystic Eyes comes with its own little box )
Flate rate
(Up to250gm)
Zone 1
(Singapore, Brunei Darussalam)
Zone 2
(Cambodia, Hong Kong, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines,Thailand, Indonesia, Vietname)
Zone 3
(China, Taiwan, Japan, Macao, India,
Sri Lanka, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand)
Zone 4
(USA, Canada, South American,
Europe, Middle East, Africa)